Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Review: 16 Lighthouse Road

Today's review is on 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber
I have been a fan of Debbie Macomber's books for little over a year, and even though they're not extremely well written, I love them. They are my guilty pleasures, I can get through one of her books in a day. This is the first book in her Cedar Cove series and I was excited to finally start this series.

Cedar Cove is a small seaside town on the Washington coast. In this town there are many interesting people to meet. In this first installment  readers are introduced to Cecilia and Ian Randal, a young couple who after knowing each other for a year want to get a divorce. However, the judge, Olivia Lockhart refuses to grant them a petition for divorce because she wants them to at least try and salvage their marriage if they can. During this time, Olivia might have met someone who has shown interest in her. However, her daughter Justine is stuck in a loveless relationship that her mother doesn't approve of at all. At the same time, Olivia's best friend Grace suspects that the reason her husband is acting so distant is that he is cheating on her.

I loved how the novel focused on several different characters and relationships in this town, rather than just the main couple, it really made me feel like I was getting to know more about life in Cedar Cove. It also wasn't just one age group' perspective, it was multi-generational, from Olivia's mother who is 75 to Cecilia Randal, who is only 22, it definitely added to the small-town atmosphere of the novel.

I also enjoyed the various issues that are presented in the novel and how the characters have to try and cope with them. It was interesting to see Ian and Cecilia's relationship grow over the course of the novel. I was sad for Grace because she has to deal with the aftermath of what Dan ends up doing in the middle of the novel.

I loved the characters in this novel, especially Olivia Lockhart, she is just awesome. I enjoyed seeing her reason through the petition for divorce and why she chose to deny it, she made it because she had some experience of what the young couple was going through. I also enjoyed seeing her getting to meet someone and start dating because she definitely deserves to be happy.

Even though I liked this book, there was one pretty steamy scene that I was not expecting at all because Debbie Macomber's books are relatively clean, so I didn't really appreciate that. But other than that it was a good book and I can't wait to read the other books in this series and get to know the people of Cedar Cove even more.

I am giving this book 3.5/5 Stars because even though I enjoyed it, it was mainly because it is nice Chick Lit book that is a fluffy read and I also did not like the aforementioned steamy scene.

Happy Reading,
Janelle L. C.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations let me know and I will check them out! :)

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